prof. dr ir J.J.H. (Bert) Brouwers

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Biography / 简历

CEO Romico Hold A.V.V and Romico Engineering Solutions B.V .
- Rotational Particle Separator
- Condensed Rotational Separation

Other Achievements
- Statistical Turbulence
- Fluid Flow in Rotating Devices
- Combustion Research
- Probabilistic System Downtime
- Offshore structures
- Ultra Centrifuge
- MSc and PhD degree supervision
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- Journal Articles
- Dissertations
- Valedictory Lecture

Supervision of MSc and PhD degrees

As chair of Thermal Engineering at Twente University (1986-1998) and chair of Process Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology (1998-2014), prof. dr ir J.J.H. (Bert) Brouwers has been the supervisor of more than 200 engineering degrees and advanced engineering degrees and over 40 PhD-degrees to date. Graduates gained posts in industry and governmental institutions. Results of research were tested, implemented and published in scientific papers.



Study visit of staff and Phd's at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland