prof. dr ir J.J.H. (Bert) Brouwers

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CEO Romico Hold A.V.V and Romico Engineering Solutions B.V .
- Rotational Particle Separator
- Condensed Rotational Separation

Other Achievements
- Statistical Turbulence
- Fluid Flow in Rotating Devices
- Combustion Research
- Probabilistic System Downtime
- Offshore structures
- Ultra Centrifuge
- MSc and PhD degree supervision
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Gas Centrifuges for Uranium Enrichment

Flow regions in a gas ultra centrifuge

Two years after he started work at Urenco's Ultra-Centrifuge Laboratory Bert Brouwers was appointed head of the group undertaking research and development of isotope separation in gas or ultra-centrifuges. He instituted a detailed theoretical study of the internal flow in gas centrifuges which led to his PhD defended at Twente University. He formulated new parameters for the separative performance of gas centrifuges. The insights obtained by his work focused the development of novel,superior types of centrifuges. Today large-scale uranium enrichment plants in Europe and the USA use these new generation centrifuges to deliver fuel for nuclear power stations. Bert was advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA at Vienna.

Brouwers, J.J.H. (1978). On compressible flow in a gas centrifuge and its effect on the maximum separative power. Nuclear Technology, 39(aug), 311-322.
Brouwers, J.J.H. (1978). On compressible flow in a Rotating Cylinder. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 12, 265-285.
Brouwers, J.J.H. (1976). On the motion of a compressible fluid in a rotating cylinder. ((Co-)promot.: Wijngaarden, L. van & Los, J.).

For a recent review of Bert's work at Urenco and its impact, see:

Delbeke, J.F.A., Esch, B.P.M. van, Eklund, G., Janssens-Maenhout, G. & Janssens, W. (2010). Verifying the spin of centrifuges. Energy, 35(8), 3123-3130.