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CEO Romico Hold A.V.V and Romico Engineering Solutions B.V .
- Rotational Particle Separator
- Condensed Rotational Separation

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- Statistical Turbulence
- Fluid Flow in Rotating Devices
- Combustion Research
- Probabilistic System Downtime
- Offshore structures
- Ultra Centrifuge
- MSc and PhD degree supervision
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Biography of

Bert Brouwers (1949) obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at TU/e in 1972 (cum laude). A PhD was received at Twente University in 1976. Advisors: Wijngaarden and prof.dr.J.Los (University of Amsterdam).

In 1972 he started as Research Engineer at the Ultra Centrifuge Laboratory of UCN/Urenco in Amsterdam. In 1974 he became Head Isotopes Separations Research.

In 1979 he joined Royal/Dutch Shell. First he was Group Leader in Offshore Research at the Exploration and Production Laboratory in Rijswijk. In 1983 he moved to London to become Staff Member Economics.

Brouwers switched from industry to academia in 1986 when he was appointed as full professor and head of the laboratory of Thermal Engineering at Twente University.

In 1998 he came to the Technical University of Eindhoven to become full professor and head of the Section of Process Technology of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

From 1 October 2014 he is emeritus professor of Eindhoven University of Technology and from 2015 to 2016 remote professor of National Research Nuclear University MEPHI Moscow

Since 2015 he is CEO of the Romico Companies which were founded by him.

Bert Brouwers has made innovative contributions to science and technology. In addition to publications with co-authors he is single author of more than 20 peer reviewed articles on a variety of subjects published in scientific and engineering journals: Physics Review E, Physica D Non-Linear Phenomena, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Flow Turbulence and Combustion, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Reliability Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Nuclear Technology, Physics of Fluids, mdpi Fluids and Separations.

Bert is the inventor of patented methods and devices for separating particles and gases employing the principles of centrifugation, fluid flow and diffusion. Know-how and IP rights are vested in the Romico Companies. In cooperation with licensing companies practical versions of the inventions are developed and implemented worldwide:

In 1999 Bert was awarded the Dow Chemical Energy Price. He held short term advisor ships to URENCO Nederland BV: Almelo NL, Shell Information Technology International: London, GB and the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA: Vienna, AT. His research at universities was supported by funds from government institutions of EU and NL and from private companies. Bert Brouwers has been supervisor of more than 200 engineering degrees and advanced engineering degrees and over 40 PhD-degrees awarded at Twente University and Eindhoven University of Technology. [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Statistical Turbulence

Statistical descriptions of velocities, admixture concentrations and temperatures in turbulent flows are generally based on empirical relations. Bert derived expressions which no longer resort to empiricism but rest on general principles. The developed statistical models are fit for implementation in numerical codes of turbulence in engineering and the environment.

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Brouwers, J.J.H. (2002). On diffusion theory in turbulence. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 44(3), 277-295

Fluid Flow in Rotating Devices

Next to his earlier research on compressible flow in gas centrifuges, Bert continued to work on issues of rotating fluid flow with emphasis on pumps and particle separators. Research was carried out together with members of his groups in Twente and Eindhoven and was financially supported by external parties. Several problems were solved which were implemented in practice.Bert developed semi-analytical design formula for the RPS which are proprierity knowledge of Romico Hold.

Brouwers, J.J.H. Separation and Disinfection of Contagious Aerosols from the Perspective of SARS-CoV-2 mdpi Separations 2021, 8(10), 190.
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Combustion Research

At Twente University Bert contributed to the development of theoretical descriptions for nonlinear coal-particle combustion and for propagation of reaction fronts using high activation energy asymptotics.

Gort, R. & Brouwers, J.J.H. (2001). Theoretical analysis of the propagation of a reaction front in a packed bed. Combustion and Flame, 124(1-2), 1-13.
Brem, G. & Brouwers, J.J.H. (1990). Analytical solutions for non-linear conversion of a porous solid particle in a gas : I. isothermal conversion. Chemical Engineering Science, 45(7), 1905-1913.
Brem, G. & Brouwers, J.J.H. (1990). Analytical solutions for non-linear conversion of a porous solid particle in a gas : II. non-isothermal conversion and numerical verification. Chemical Engineering Science, 45(7), 1915-1924.

In Eindhoven Bert participated in the EU projects "BIOAEROSOL" and "BIOASH". A new process and apparatus was devised for removing aerosol forming vapours from gases by wall desublimation in a specially designed heat exchanger, see

Best, C.J.J.M. de, Kemenade, H.P. van, Brunner, T. & Obernberger, I. (2008). Particulate emission reduction in small-scale biomass combustion plants by a condensing heat exchanger. Energy & Fuels, 22(1), 587-597.

Probabilistic System Downtime and Economic Value

In Shell UK Bert developed analytical descriptions of the probability of irregular downtimes of systems subject to random failure and repair of associated components. The models were used to support decisions for over-design and spare capacity of Shell oil and gas production facilities.

In 1985 Bert was made responsible for assessment of the economic value of offshore oil and gas field developments in Shell UK's southern North Sea sector. He introduced a method for accounting for uncertainty in the Net Present Value due to variability in future oil and gas prices, in amounts of oil and gas reserves and in investment costs.

Brouwers, J.J.H. (1986). Probabilistic Descriptions of Irregular System Downtime. Reliability Engineering, 15(4), 263-281.

Gas Centrifuges for Uranium Enrichment

Flow regions in a gas ultra centrifuge

Two years after he started work at Urenco's Ultra-Centrifuge Laboratory Bert Brouwers was appointed head of the group undertaking research and development of isotope separation in gas or ultra-centrifuges. He instituted a detailed theoretical study of the internal flow in gas centrifuges which led to his PhD defended at Twente University. He formulated new parameters for the separative performance of gas centrifuges. The insights obtained by his work focused the development of novel,superior types of centrifuges. Today large-scale uranium enrichment plants in Europe and the USA use these new generation centrifuges to deliver fuel for nuclear power stations. Bert was advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA at Vienna.

Brouwers, J.J.H. (1978). On compressible flow in a gas centrifuge and its effect on the maximum separative power. Nuclear Technology, 39(aug), 311-322.
Brouwers, J.J.H. (1978). On compressible flow in a Rotating Cylinder. Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 12, 265-285.
Brouwers, J.J.H. (1976). On the motion of a compressible fluid in a rotating cylinder. ((Co-)promot.: Wijngaarden, L. van & Los, J.).

For a recent review of Bert's work at Urenco and its impact, see:

Delbeke, J.F.A., Esch, B.P.M. van, Eklund, G., Janssens-Maenhout, G. & Janssens, W. (2010). Verifying the spin of centrifuges. Energy, 35(8), 3123-3130.

Supervision of MSc and PhD degrees

As chair of Thermal Engineering at Twente University (1986-1998) and chair of Process Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology (1998-2014), prof. dr ir J.J.H. (Bert) Brouwers has been the supervisor of more than 200 engineering degrees and advanced engineering degrees and over 40 PhD-degrees to date. Graduates gained posts in industry and governmental institutions. Results of research were tested, implemented and published in scientific papers.



Study visit of staff and Phd's at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland